RSO Maintenance Dose Tutorial

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Overview: For Good Health

A maintenance dose is no more than 1/10th of a gram or 100mg of cannabis oil daily. This small amount has little to no psychoactive affects, and has been effective in curing Breast Cancer and can effectively control Seizures, Chromes, MS, Lupus, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Autism, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Nausea, Cramps, and many more medical conditions. Cannabis oil can also help recovering addicts to kick pain medications, hard drugs and alcohol.

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Dried Flower

151 Everclear

Baking Sheet

Aluminum Foil

2 x 1 qt. Glass Canning Jar

Electric Stove or Rice Cooker

Glass or Stainless Steel Bowl

Candy Thermometer


Coffee Filters

Dosing Syringe

00 Caps

Oven Mitts

Cooking Oil

Coconut oil



Fire Extinguisher



Spread ground flower over baking sheet, cover with aluminum foil, preheat oven 220 f

Place baking sheet in oven during preheat, set timer 20 minutes once preheated

Cool to room temp, place flower and 151 alcohol in freezer 24 hours, minimum 3 hours

Combine flower & alcohol in jar, shake 5 - 10 minutes, place in freezer 6 hours, minimum 1 hour

Strain into second jar through cheesecloth, discard flower, re strain through coffee filter

Set up double-boiler using a rice cooker or electric stove and glass or stainless bowl

Fill bottom of double-boiler with cooking oil, Weigh your glass or stainless bowl on top with a scale, take note for later

Pour cannabinoid saturated alcohol into top of double-boiler leaving room to boil off without splashing over

Using candy thermometer to regulate temp around 175F/80c add more solvent oil mix as it boils away

Fan alcohol fumes towards open window, avoid open flame, breathing fumes, and keep fire extinguisher close just in case

After most of the solvent evaporates off, use oven mitts to gently swirl the oil while reapplying to heat to keep temp

When bubbles stop forming and you can not smell alcohol fumes the oil is ready to be weighed

Place glass or stainless bowl containing oil on scale and subtract its empty weight you took note of earlier

Add 2 tsp coconut oil for every gram cannabis oil "Dosage Level Three 100mg or refer to Tips for mix ratio" swirl the oil while reapplying to heat to keep temp

Once oils are completely mixed together, cover with aluminum foil, place in freezer for 24 hours, minimum 3 hours

Thaw and heat oil mix for 20 minutes in oven at 200 f, cool to room temp

Carefully fill 00 size capsules with oil using a dosing syringe

Refer to Tips for mix ratio, Maintenance dose is 25mg - 100mg in the morning and 25mg - 100mg dose 2 hours before bed time daily



Dosage Level One (1:40): One gram of cannabis oil and 8 tsp coconut oil makes 42 capsules at 1:40 = 25mg Take one capsule every 90 minutes until you feel the effects to find the level you can tolerate and still feel comfortable.

Dosage Level Two (1:20): One gram of cannabis oil and 4 tsp coconut oil makes 21 capsules at 1:20 = 50mg Take one capsule daily and work up to 2 capsules daily.

Dosage Level Three (1:10): One gram of cannabis oil and 2 tsp coconut oil makes 11 capsules at 1:10 = 100mg Take one capsule daily and work up to 2 capsules daily.

Dosage level Four (1:5): One gram of cannabis oil and 1 tsp coconut oil makes 6 capsules at 1:5 = 200mg Take one capsule daily and work up to 2 capsules daily. We recommend one dose in the morning and one dose 3 hours before bed time.

Dosage level Five (0:1): Use the Cannabis Extract Oil without mixing or dilution. One gram of cannabis oil makes 1 capsule at 1:0 = 1000mg Increase dosage up to 1-3 grams per day. We recommend one dose in the morning and one dose 3 hours before bed time.

1oz flowers will generally make 4g - 6g concentrate

Tylenol 3 and Celebrex will block the cabinnonoid receptors>


When choosing oils and edibles, please be aware that dosage depends on many factors including: height, weight, tolerance, previous usage, health issues, and current state of well-being. We encourage a caregiver to take care of patients requiring more than the recommended dose. The state of Colorado recommends 10mg of THC.


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