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Providing high-quality cannabis oil tutorials using 100% food grade solvents and starting materials is our promise to you.

 The tutorials you'll find here at, strive to maintain all the medicinal properties found in cannabis oil, even beyond what would usually be considered the normal valued components like THC and CBD. The methods shown are especially helpful for patients who have difficulty digesting and absorbing the average edibles and cannabis oils. Cleanliness, activation, and bioavailability are taken into consideration, in turn, much more of the medicine is actually delivered to your body. 

Researchers estimate that there are dozens of terpenes and eighty or more cannabinoids found in cannabis oil, each one containing its own unique medicinal effects. Chlorophyll, terpenes, lipids, fats, and plant waxes, also contribute to the medicinal value of cannabis oil. 

Evidence shows that secondary compounds in cannabis oil, like chlorophyll and natural plant waxes, enhance absorption, increase the therapeutic qualities of the cannabinoids and help reduce THC-induced anxiety. Cannabis terpenoids and flavonoids also increase cerebral blood flow, enhance cortical tissue activity, kill respiratory pathogens, and provide anti-inflammatory activity. 

That's why prefers food grade alcohol or 190-proof Everclear as a solvent. Everclear is highly water soluble due to its slight water content and will dissolve most plant materials such as the chlorophylls and waxes along with the cannabinoids. Where hydrocarbons like butane and hexane are not water soluble and are more selective towards the cannabinoids specificity.  

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Cannabis Oil Tutorials

RSO Maintenance Dose (For Good Health) 

A maintenance dose is no more than 1/10th of a gram or 100mg of cannabis oil daily. This small amount has little to no psychoactive affects, and has been effective in curing Breast Cancer and can effectively control Seizures, Chromes, MS, Lupus, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Autism, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Nausea, Cramps, and many more medical conditions. Cannabis oil can also help recovering addicts to kick pain medications, hard drugs and alcohol.

RSO Full Saturation Treatment (For Stage 4 or Aggressive Cancers)

Full saturation treatment requires higher doses, up to 1 gram daily for a period of 60 to 90 days and is recommended for those with late stage 4 or aggressive cancers, tumors and cases where regular treatment is just not working.

Cannabis oil is highly concentrated and may require dilution to allow you to build up a tolerance and become acclimated to the effects. We recommend 2tsp coconut oil, (organic expeller pressed and refined) to every gram of cannabis oil, remember, start slow. Overdose is not harmful, however it can be very uncomfortable and last for a few hours.

Lets Get Medicated! (Just For FUn!)

Some times its just easier to buy your favorite concentrate from you local dispensary. Properly made cannabis concentrate caps can be used to treat chronic pain and relieve symptoms caused by illnesses like multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS. But for most debilitating conditions we highly recomends cannabis oil such as Rick Simpson Oil, RSO, whole cannabis oil and other whole plant cannabis extracts for those secondary compounds like chlorophyll and natural plant waxes.

Cannabis Oil Tincture (For internal tumors, cancer, and leukemia, ingest orally)

Before the United States enacted cannabis prohibition, tinctures were the main form of cannabis medicine. Cannabis oil tinctures, aka green dragon, are an alcohol based cannabis extracts taken by putting a few drops under your tongue. When taken subligually the arterial blood supply under your tongue rapidly absorbs the THC, but if swallowed with food or drink after cooking, the tincture will be absorbed much slower by your liver. Cannabis tinctures are a great starting point for both recreational and medical users looking to ease into smokeless consumption methods.

Cannabis Oil Suppositories (For liver cancer, colon cancer, vaginal cancer and tumors, ingest orally and use a suppository.)

For serious conditions and for those with late stages or aggressive cancers, tumors, rectal or vaginal suppositories provide the greatest amount of medicine delivered with little or no head high. Cannabis suppositories deliver around 80% of the medicine, while taking cannabis orally delivers about 35% while smoking only around 15%. In addition to being a possible option for patients who can’t ingest or inhale cannabis, cannabis suppositories also begin to work quickly and last a long time, providing maximum absorption with maximum relief and no known negative side-effects.


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When choosing oils and edibles, please be aware that dosage depends on many factors including: height, weight, tolerance, previous usage, health issues, and current state of well-being. We encourage a caregiver to take care of patients requiring more than the recommended dose. The state of Colorado recommends 10mg of THC.


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